Vince Byron wins his second BMX Vert gold medal.

The first final of the X Games was the BMX Vert. The competition had eight riders at start. Two runs were needed, with only the best to be taken into consideration.

The first run was dominated by the legendary Jamie Bestwick. He scored a 92.66 and he seemed to be able to become the man with the most gold medals in the X Games history.

2015 champion, Vince Byron was second with 91.33. The first run podium was completed by Coco Zurita, with an excellent 88.00. The first run had a big shunt. Dennis McCoy failed to get up after a missed 900 and had to finish dead last, with only 65.33.

The second run didn’t change many things. Coco Zurita missed the last trick and had to settle for the bronze medal. In front, the battle went on between Vince Byron and Jamie Bestwick. In the end, Byron won after he managed to improve his first run score. With 93.00, the australian won his second BMX Vert gold medal. Meanwhile, Jamie Bestwick had to settle for silver, with his first run score 92.66.

The X Games will continue tonight with the Skateboard Vert and the Harley Davidson Flat Track Racing.


photo – Crave Online