Levi Sherwood won the gold medal in the Moto X Freestyle.

Eight men fought for the medals in the Moto X Freestyle final. Levi Sherwood won the gold medal. The new zealander scored the best in all of the three runs. He took the win with a convincing second run, where he scored 92.33.

The podium was completed by two australians. Josh Sheehan and Clinton Moore battled hard with Sherwood but they had to settle for silver and bronze, with 90.66 and 90.00.

Taka Higashino narrowly missed the podium, while Adam Jones completed the top five of the day. David Rinaldo, Rob Adelberg and Harry Bink were the other riders who took part in the final.

The X Games will continue today with three other Moto X finals, Step Up, Best Whip and Best Trick.

photo – X Games