X Games – James Foster and Garrett Reynolds won the BMX events on Day 2

The BMX events from Friday were won by James Foster and Garrett Reynolds.

BMX Big Air

The Big Air final had a lot of dramatic plot twists. After the first two runs, Vince Byron was leading the pack, but, after the third run, James Foster reclaimed the first place.

In the end, Foster won another gold in the Big Air. In the last run, he amazed everyone with a triple backflip with tailwhip. His score was 94.33, with exactly two points more than Vince Byron, who won the gold medal in the BMX Vert.

Foster won the gold. Vince Byron had to settle for the second place and the silver medal. The bronze medal was won by Kurtis Downs.

BMX Street

The BMX Street was a one man show. Garrett Reynolds dominated the competition and managed to score the highest score in both of the runs. As the rules say, only the best score stays. Reynolds scored a higher score in the first run, 89.33, and he took the gold medal.

Devon Smillie was the only finalist who managed to stay near the score Reynolds obtained but he only did enough to finish second with 87.00. The bronze medal was taken by Simone Barraco, who did an 85.66.

The X Games will continue today with several finals from Moto X, skateboard and BMX.


photo – X Games

X Games – Vince Byron wins BMX Vert

Vince Byron wins his second BMX Vert gold medal.

The first final of the X Games was the BMX Vert. The competition had eight riders at start. Two runs were needed, with only the best to be taken into consideration.

The first run was dominated by the legendary Jamie Bestwick. He scored a 92.66 and he seemed to be able to become the man with the most gold medals in the X Games history.

2015 champion, Vince Byron was second with 91.33. The first run podium was completed by Coco Zurita, with an excellent 88.00. The first run had a big shunt. Dennis McCoy failed to get up after a missed 900 and had to finish dead last, with only 65.33.

The second run didn’t change many things. Coco Zurita missed the last trick and had to settle for the bronze medal. In front, the battle went on between Vince Byron and Jamie Bestwick. In the end, Byron won after he managed to improve his first run score. With 93.00, the australian won his second BMX Vert gold medal. Meanwhile, Jamie Bestwick had to settle for silver, with his first run score 92.66.

The X Games will continue tonight with the Skateboard Vert and the Harley Davidson Flat Track Racing.


photo – Crave Online

X Games Minneapolis 2017 – Summer is coming


The 23rd edition of the X Games will start tonight. A long tradition that has started in 1995 will continue this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home town of four times World Supercross Champion, Ryan Dungey. Over 200 athletes will try to mark their names in the history books of extreme sports.

Ricky Carmichael, Dave Mirra, Bob Burnquist or Tony Hawk. Some of the few legends that have rocked the X Games throughout the years are expecting another guys to step up their game this year. The schedule will start on Thursday night with the BMX Vert and Skateboard Vert as the rest of the schedule is still yet to be determined.

Many other races will be held in the four days, as the BMXers, MTBers, skateboarders and motocross riders will try to get their hands on the coveted gold medals. Also the E-Sports will make their presence felt once again, as the MLG Call of Duty X Games Championship and MLG Counter Strike: Global Offensive X Games Championship will be held.

For more info regarding the event, Wheelies will write a full daily report of the events. You can watch the X Games on ABC and ESPN.


photo – X Games