Toni Bou in the center of attention in Budapest

The 21 times Trial world champion has been recently in the Hungarian capital.

Toni introduced the X-Trial Budapest yesterday in front of jurnalists from up to 15 media sites. Later, he spent the day in various media meetings, the most important being in the Magyar TV studios, along with the Hungarian Motorcycling Federation: Henrik Hermann.

“It was a very pleasant day and I was surprised by the interest that the media of the city have for the test that will be held here at the end of March. Budapest is one of the great European capitals and being here is very good news for all of us.”, said Bou about this experience.

Budapest will host the final round of this season of X-Trial and it will take place at Budapest Sports Arena, on 29th of march next year.



Photo – Honda Racing Corporation

Taddy Blasuziak returns to action alongside KTM

The 6-time SuperEnduro World Champion will make a surprising return to the competition he’s dominated for years.

After he announced his retirement last year, Taddy sticked close to the Red Bull KTM Factory Team, the one that made him a legend of the Indoor Enduro. He assisted with rider training, testing, development etc.

Now, Blazusiak signed a one-year agreement with the austrian manufacturer, announcing that he also has some interesting plans, after the SuperEnduro series.

For now, it’s unknown what this means exactly, but until then, we’ll see the Polish rider back in action right in the first round of the new season of the SuperEnduro World Championship, which will be held this weekend in Krakow, in his home country.


Photo – Marcin Kin/KTM Media Library

Ryan Dungey – The Minnesota Arrow


The former AMA and Supercross champion is celebrating his 28th birthday today.

Borned in a family of amateur racers, Dungey has turned pro at the age of 16, despite not having impressive resultrs in the mini classes. In the last year as an amateur, he won the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championship.

From 2006, he raced at the 250 category, not having any exceptional results, but he attracted attention of Roger De Coster, the Suzuki team manager at that time. The first important results came one year later, when he got his first professional wins in Supercross, at the East Category.

He went on to finish 5th overall at that category, the same position in AMA, at the 250 class, despite not winning a single round, but finishing on podium 3 times. In 2008 he moved from East to West in Supercross, but he missed the title by just 2 points.

2009 will be an year to remember for the then Suzuki rider, winning both the 250 West and 250 titles in Supercross and AMA. He was also nominated as the team captain for the USA at the MXoN, also marking his first entrance on a 450cc bike. Despite this, he brought the 20th MXoN title for his country, concluding the season in style.

Following this experience, he climbed to he 450 categories in both AMA and Supercross next year. He also went to win these 2 titles, becoming the first ever rider to do so in his rookie year. He was once again chosen as a part of the US team for MXoN, bringin’ another title for them.

2011 was not the same anymore after Roger De Coster left Suzuki for KTM. He had great performances, but Dungey finished 3rd in Supercross and 2nd in AMA. The only good part for him is that he won the MXoN for the 3rd and last time in his career.

2012 saw Dungey back with De Coster, at the KTM Factory Racing. He won 4 Supercross events, but due to an injury, he finished 3rd overall. However, later in the season, he became KTM’s first champion in AMA at the 450 category.

After another 2 years when he didn’t win any of these major championships, Dungey exploded in 2015 winning both the competitions and he became KTM’s first world champion in Supercross and first to do the “double” with them.

2016 started with another Supercross title for Ryan, but an injury at the beginning of the AMA season forced him to end the year way early. Despite this huge break he took, he managed to win his 4th Supercross title and 3rd in a row with KTM.

But, this crown was the last of Ryan’s magnificant career, the Minnesota rider announcing his retirement a few days later. Yeah, a MXGP title would have completed a 5-star square, but still, he’ll be inducted in the Hall of Fame soon. Until then, happy birthday and thank you for everything, “Diesel”!


Photo – Simon Cudby/KTM Media Library

Wheelies 2017 – MX Top 10

The 2017 season in motocross has reached the finish line and we decided to make a top10 from MXGP and AMA.

10) Jeremy Seewer

After a successful 2016 season, where he finished as runner-up, behind Jeffrey Herlings, the Swiss rider remained in MX2 with Suzuki to fight for this season’s title.

Credited as the main favourite of 2017, Jeremy was the championship leader after the Indonesian GP and managed to stay there until the Latvian round. Although he didn’t gain back anymore the 1st position in the standings, he managed to bring the fight until the last round with pretty consistent results.

Another runner-up finish in MX2 was supposed to bring Seewer a seat in the MXGP category for Stefan Everts team, but the unexpected withdrawal of Suzuki makes both Jeremy and Jasikonis revalue their offers.

9) Adam Cianciarulo

After a lot of seasons cursed by injuries, Adam finally had an entire season to show his full potential. And he did: he fought for both 250 title in AMA and 250SX East in Supercross, maintaining the thrill for the last one until the Las Vegas finale.

He finished in top3 in both competitions and if he’ll keep himself away from injuries, we’ll see Adam very soon in the upper category.

8) Pauls Jonass

After missing the world title in MX2 in 2015, Jonass took his revenge this season, becoming the first ever Latvian world champion in MXGP. Sure, he had a difficult year, with strong opponents like Seewer, Paturel or Convington, but his experience didn’t let him down.

Pauls will remain in MX2 in 2018 with KTM Factory Racing to defend the crown, but it’s very possible to see him in the MXGP class from 2019.

7) Blake Baggett

2017 will be an unforgettable year for Blake, not only for his performance in Supercross, where he gained a podium in Atlanta and finished the season in 6th place, but especially for the results in AMA.

2 round wins and many other podiums kept Baggett in the title battle until the Ironman finale, completing the top3 of the category, behind the champion Eli Tomac and runner-up Marvin Musquin.

Considering the fact that Baggett didn’t have a factory bike and Ryan Dungey surprisingly decided to end his career, this season could be the beginning of a very nice career for the Grand Terrace-borned rider.

6) Zach Osborne

The Husqvarna factory rider had a hard season, especially with a fired-up Adam Cianciarulo as opponent. However, Osborne was able to beat him in the same 2 competitions and win the 2 titles, repeating Cooper Webb’s performance from last year.

The former Junior Motocross world champion will stay in 250SX East in Supercross next year, but he’ll promote to 450 class in AMA with the swedish manufacturer and who knows, he might become a star in the future.

5) Marvin Musquin

At his second season at the upper category in both american competitions, Musquin has shown another face and became a serious championship contender. At Arlington, he became the fourth frenchman to win a round in Supercross, finishing 3rd in the general classification.

After his teammate Dungey retired, Marvin had a bigger pressure in AMA, but he kept the title hopes until the Ironman finale and he was quite close to make the surprise in front of Eli Tomac.

Well, it’s more than likely that these 2 will be the men to watch in 2018, and if Ken Roczen manages to get back to his shape, the show will be granted.

4) Eli Tomac

After a very good 2016 campaign, the expectations for Tomac were pretty high. In Supercross he managed to win 9 out of 17 rounds and he also got the red plate, but the lack of consistency costed him the tile in the Las Vegas title.

Even with Dungey’s retirement, he had a tough season in AMA, with Marvin Musquin and the surprising Blake Baggett as main rivals. However, the Kawasaki factory rider clinched the title and has the main chance in 2018 in both AMA and Supercross championships.

3) Jeffrey Herlings

“The Bullet” has finally promoted to MXGP, and the expectations were high, especially after Febvre and Gajser’s performances from 2015 and 2016 respectively. But a hand injury created a lot of difficulties for Herlings in the first 5 rounds.

Everything changed after the first home round from Valkenswaard: 6 GP victories and many other podiums made him the championship runner-up, behind teammate Tony Cairoli.
The Dutch rider has also ridden in the final round of AMA 450, where he clinched a double win at his debut and not only that he’s now a big championship challenger for the 2018 MXGP title, but we’ll probably see Jeffrey moving to AMA soon.

2) Ryan Dungey

After a 2016 season that started with a Supercross title and finished with a serious injury, nobody knew what to expect from Dungey. He hasn’t got back on a MX bike for like 6 months and even he said that in the first rounds of Supercross he’ll try to find back his pace.

After Ken Roczen’s horrible crash, Dungey became surprisingly leader in the standings, but the hard was about to begin. A lot of start problems and a fired-up Eli Tomac were some of the difficulties that Dungey had to face.

But the unbelievable comebacks and especially: the consistence, brought the last title of the KTM’s career, Ryan deciding to retire in glory a few days later. But considering what he’s been through last year, it’s understandable.

1) Tony Cairoli

At his age or even earlier, most of the riders would retire, and after 2 seasons where he felt the pain of a seriuos injury and a very hard pack of opponents from 2017, Tony was very close to this point.

But the sicilian rider overcame all the odds and became world champion in motocross for the 9th time in his career. Indeed, Gajser and Herlings had some injuries this season and Febvre had problems with the pace, but once again, the consistence is probably the most important in motorcycling.

If Cairoli keeps it like that or even better, it’s not excluded to hear: Tony Cairoli, the 10 or maybe 11 times motocross world champion, at maybe 35 years old, the same age for Stefan Everts at his retirement. Who knows, Antonio might give an advice for his friend, Valentino Rossi. 🙂


photo – Ray Archer/KTM Media Library

SX Detroit: Eli Tomac continuă seria victoriilor consecutive

Eli Tomac s-a impus in etapa a 12-a a campionatului mondial de Supercross.

In fata a peste 46.000 de fani, Marvin Musquin a reusit holeshotul, iar Eli Tomac si Davi Millsaps se aflau in spatele francezului. Ghinioanele de la start se tin scai de Ryan Dungey, liderul clasamentului general fiind prins in ambuscada provocata de Chad Reed.

Chiar daca dupa primul viraj se afla pe la coada grilei, la finalul primului tur, Ryan Dungey a urcat pana pe 7. In grupul fruntas, Marvin Musquin a facut o greseala in zona nisipului, iar Eli Tomac n-a iertat si a urcat la conducere.

De aici, stim ce a urmat: un nou recital din partea pilotului Kawasaki, care s-a impus pentru a saptea oara in 2017, la peste 8 secunde de francezul de la KTM. In spate, Ryan Dungey a tot fortat si depasit rivali, ajungand la final pe 3, repetand astfel podiumul din etapa trecuta de la Indianapolis.

In total, patru piloti KTM au fost in top cinci. Pe langa pilotii de uzina Marvin Musquin și Ryan Dungey, Blake Baggett si Davi Millsaps au facut o noua cursa buna pentru austrieci, in timp ce Jason Anderson si Cole Seely au completat locurile 6, respectiv 10.

Campionatul mondial de Supercross va continua cu etapa din Saint Louis, care se va desfasura pe 1 aprilie.

Clasament general top5:

1) Ryan Dungey: 254 puncte
2) Eli Tomac: 247 puncte
3) Marvin Musquin: 207 puncte
4) Cole Seely: 196 puncte
5) Jason Anderson: 170 puncte.
credit foto: Supercross Live

Leon Haslam va participa în cursa de anduranță de 8 ore de la Suzuka alături de Kawasaki

Leon Haslam a fost confirmat alaturi de Team Green Kawasaki pentru cursa de 8 ore de la Suzuka.

Locul 2 din editia de anul trecut si titlul neoficial de vicecampion din BSB au cantarit decisiv in aceasta decizie. Englezul va incerca sa obtina cea de-a treia sa victorie in cea mai importanta cursa de anduranta moto din lume.

“Sunt foarte fericit sa anunt ca voi concura alaturi de Kawasaki in cursa de 8 ore de la Suzuka din acest an. Experienta de anul trecut a fost incredibila, iar locul 2 obtinut alaturi de ei a fost superb. Abia astept sa vina aceasta cursa si vom incerca sa obtinem victoria.”, a declarat Leon Haslam.

“Leon s-a dovedit a fi foarte important pentru Kawasaki in ultimele 12 luni. Nu doar ca a obtinut 9 victorii anul trecut in BSB, dar a adus acestui brand japonez cel mai bun rezultat din istorie in cursa de 8 ore de la Suzuka. Sunt fericit ca a ales sa continue cu Team Green Kawasaki si le urez succes pentru cursa din iulie.”, a vorbit si Ross Burridge, coordonatorul Kawasaki UK.

“Suzuka 8 Hours” va avea loc in perioada 28-30 iulie, dar BSB-ul va incepe noul sezon in perioada 31 martie – 2 aprilie, cu etapa de pe Donington Park.


credit foto: Kawasaki Service Press


Primele detalii privind Dakar 2018 au fost făcute publice

Au aparut primele detalii despre editia 2018 a Raliului Dakar.

Startul va avea loc in Lima, capitala statului Peru, apoi vom traversa orasul La Paz din Bolivia, ca linia de sosire sa fie in Cordoba, Argentina. Ca si editia din acest an, vor exista 14 stadii, cu inceputul pe 6 ianuarie si finalul pe 20.

Ediția din 2017 a fost câștigată de Sam Sunderland (KTM) la categoria moto, Stephane Peterhansel (Peugeot) la auto și Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) la camioane.

Probabil categoriile vor ramane aceleasi, dar mai multe detalii vor aparea curand.

credit foto:

MXGP Argentina: Tim Gajser completeaza un weekend perfect


Dupa adjudecarea cursei de calificare, pilotul de uzina Honda a izbutit si prima dubla din 2017.

Clement Desalle s-a aflat la conducere la finele primului tur, cu ambii piloti HRC: Tim Gajser si Evgeny Bobryshev, Jeremy van Horebeek. Pilotul Kawasaki avea sa fie depasit rand pe rand de fiecare din cei mentionati, iar mai tarziu, Gautier Paulin avea sa treaca si el in fata sa.

Tony Cairoli a avut un nou start catastrofal, iar sicilianul a trebuit din nou sa faca o cursa de recuperare, ce s-a soldat mai incolo si cu o tranta.

In fata, Tim Gajser s-a distantat decisiv de adversari, pentru a obtine a doua victorie de mansa din acest sezon si completeaza un weekend argentinian perfect. Jeremy van Horebeek avea sa fie depasit pe final de Evgeny Bobryshev, pentru a forma o dubla pentru HRC.

In spatele lor, Romain Febvre si Antonio Cairoli au recuperat si ei mult fata de adversari, dar campionul mondial din 2015 avea sa cada cand era in urmarirea conationalului Gautier Paulin, pentru a se clasa la final pe 8.

Pilotul de uzina KTM a mostenit astfel locul al 5-lea, in spatele francezuluid de la Husqvarna, dar in ritmul asta, al 9-lea titlu mondial pare sa devina doar un vis frumos.

Clement Desalle a tot cazut in clasament, pana pe 10, si a pierdut si el puncte importante in lupta pentru un posibil titlu mondial.

Clasament general top5:

1) Tim Gajser: 106 puncte
2) Tony Cairoli: 96 puncte
3) Clement Desalle: 91 puncte
4) Jeremy van Horebeek: 84 puncte
5) Evgeny Bobryshev: 82 puncte.

Peste 2 saptamani vom ramane pe continentul american, in zona latina, dar de data asta vom ajunge in Mexic.

MX2 Argentina: Dubla pentru Pauls Jonass

Pilotul de uzina KTM obtine astfel a 2-a victorie de GP din cariera.

Ca si in prima mansa, letonul se afla la conducere cu coechipierul Jorge Prado in spate. Jeremy Seewer era in spatele lor si astepta o gafa din partea lor, dar a trebuit sa accelereze ritmul dupa ce Pauls Jonass incepea sa castige teren.

In spate, Benoit Paturel si Thomas Kjer Olsen au avut parte de starturi catastrofale, ajungand pana in afara top20. Cei 2 au avut parte si de cazaturi in cursele lor de recuperare: francezul a gresit cand ajunsese in top10, in timp ce pilotul Husqvarna a fost crosetat din spate de coechipierul Thomas Convington.

Pauls Jonass si Jeremy Seewer au ramas sa-si dispute victoria, distanta dintre ei osciland de multe ori in timpul mansei. Pana la urma, pilotul KTM si-a adjudecat victoria de mansa si izbuteste a 2-a dubla din 2017.

Jorge Prado a ramas cuminte pe 3, dar in spate, Darian Sanayei a recuperat bine si a trecut de Julien Lieber, iar un podium de mansa devenea plauzibil pentru american.

Clasamentul top primilor cinci nu s-a mai modificat de atunci, in timp ce Thomas Kjer Olsen si Benoit Paturel au reusit sa termine in primii 10, pe locurile 7, respectiv 9.

Clasament general top cinci:

1) Jeremy Seewer: 110 puncte
2) Pauls Jonass: 107 puncte
3) Benoit Paturel: 104 puncte
4) Julien Lieber: 99 puncte
5) Thomas Kjer Olsen: 99 puncte.

Urmatoarea etapa va avea loc peste doua saptamani, in Mexic.


credit foto:

MX2 Argentina: Pauls Jonass deschide ziua curselor cu o victorie


Pilotul de uzina KTM a revenit pe linia castigatoare dupa prestatia slaba din Indonezia.

In primele tururi, letonul si cu coechipierul Jorge Prado erau la conducere si parea ca intre ei se va da batalia pentru victorie.

In ultimele 5 minute, Pauls Jonass s-a desprins decisiv pentru a 3-a victorie de mansa in 2017, in timp tanarul spaniol s-a clasat pana la urma pe 3 dupa o depasire facuta de Benoit Paturel inainte de sosire.

Inca o data, debutantul Thomas Kjer Olsen a fost pilotul numarul 1 al Husqvarnei, danezul obtinand inca 18 puncte dedicate locului 4. Jeremy Seewer a completat top5-ul, cu Darian Sanayei imediat in coasta elvetianului.

Marea dezamagire a fost Julien Lieber, liderul surpriza al clasamentului general, care a terminat abia pe 16, coborand momentan pana pe 4. Benoit Paturel, cu 92 de puncte, i-a preluat stafeta de lider, cu Jeremmy Seewer si Thomas Kjer Olsen in mai putin de 7 puncte.

Curand va incepe a doua mansa a categoriei MX2.