Nobody expected to see a satellite KTM going so well in 2018. With a huge potential already well known, Blake Baggett exploded in 2017. Without any doubts, in the outdoors he was probably the best rider in the AMA Nationals.

Unfortunately for him, Baggett narrowly missed the 450 Outdoor championship, though he won races and he held the red plate for a while during the season. More than that, after Dungey’s retirement, he was considered to be a good replacement for the newly retired Supercross champion.

In the end, he decided to stay with his team, Team Rocky Mountain ATV KTM. In 2018, this decision can be two sided. If the bike performs well, Baggett will have a huge chance in both Supercross and AMA Nationals series.

If not, he will find a way to show his huge talent. After all, the good ol’ #4 deserves another shot for glory. Ricky Carmichael knows this better than anyone else, doesn’t he?


Photo – Blake Bagget – Facebook